How to enlarge breast at home?

No wonder, the survey was conducted by cosmopolitan magazine showed that nearly 70% (three quarters!) men when meeting a woman, the first look at her Breasts, and then pay attention to his face, eyes and hair.

Of course, there are girls who mother nature has made a generous gift granted by the lavish and luxurious Breasts. But, frankly, these women are not so much. And what about all the others? Put bra cotton, as well as our grandmothers, or loose clothing, which is not very expressive shape is not too noticeable? No, this is not the way! We, modern women, it can not accept this. We live in a time when, pardon the pun, of our Breasts in our hands!

Breast plastic surgery

breast at home

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the term breast augmentation is plastic surgery. But there are many pros and cons.

Of course, trusting a professional, you can in a short time to get the perfect shape and size Breasts.

In addition, plastic surgery has been in existence for decades and have evolved over a period of time technology, materials and methods to combat the probability of the bad, we are not satisfied with the result.

And most importantly, no plastic surgery clinics offer you several methods of breast augmentation (implant under the breast gland, totally under the muscle or partially), which allows you to select the ideal option (to keep the shape of the breast, reduce the time required for postoperative rehabilitation, etc.).

However, in spite of all the advantages of breast enlargement using plastic surgery, this method has some disadvantages.

First of all, this is a painful operation, even if it is successful, women still have to go through the rehabilitation period.

Secondly, the implants, even the best, must be replaced every 5-7 years, and that means you can doom yourself to continued use of the whole later in life. And surgery is never without consequences and side effects.

Third, after breast surgery, you need to take hormonal pills, which can lead to weight gain and the need to sit on a diet, torture yourself exercise - Although it may with the help of modern technology and excessive weight can be removed with the help of this latest technology of weight correction, such as ultrasound liposuction.

Therefore, before you decide on plastic surgery breast augmentation, you should consider whether it is possible to increase the breast at home? With certainty I can tell you that it is real.

So, how to enlarge breast at home? Look at the options.

Creams and gels for breast enlargement

First of all, let's talk about the special creams and gels that simulate the breast. They really work and, after their proper use, the chest really becomes more elastic and increases in size. But the composition of these creams and gels contain, as a rule, not just herbal ingredients, such as ginseng, but, unfortunately, and hormones.

There is no scientific evidence, not these creams negatively on the health of the woman or not, even if it is proven that when a woman stops this cream to use, the breast quickly returns to its previous state. Besides, many women of these creams is an allergic reaction, which can lead to rather unpleasant cosmetic effects.

Vacuum equipment breast augmentation

breast augmentation

In addition to creams, there are vacuum devices for breast augmentation. Breast they, of course, slightly increase, but according to many women, can be painful, and shortly after the sessions at the end everything is back to normal.

Exercises and breathing exercises breast implants

Reliable, safe and virtually free way to breast enlargement at home is exercise and breathing practices. Practicing every day for 30-40 minutes, you'll actually be able to increase and tighten the Breasts without risking your health.

Consider some of the most common practices that help to increase breast at home, has practically no contraindications and are suitable for women of all ages and physics.

In yoga, there are several types of breathing: the most important is the abdominal and thoracic breathing. In our case, we perform thoracic breathing.

First, sit in the lotus position (or half Lotus), put your hands on your knees, palms facing upwards, straighten your back and completely relax the abdomen. Now start doing the exercises.

The first exercise for breast augmentation based on slow deep breathing chest. Don't forget, that we breathe only a nose! When you inhale try to fill the chest with air as much as possible, you can do this, pull the chest forward, as if to expand it and try as hard as possible to join the spine. On the inhale, pull your chest inward and try to relax your body. Do exercise at least 25 times. Remember that breathing should be slow and deep.

The second exercise is repeated the first, only works 2 times faster. In fact, it is quite difficult, and you need time to learn to breathe correctly, so quickly.

The third exercise is also based on thoracic breathing, but there is a cause lying back. Start lying on the floor, bend your knees and lean your legs, raise your body off the floor a short distance. Hands on the floor, palms down. Tightly squeeze your buttocks (this relieves tension in the spine) and perform 15 - 20 deep chest breathing is exactly the same as in the first exercise. Get down on the floor and rest. The same is repeated again. If you have the power to – increase the number of breathing 30.

The last exercise for breast augmentation with the help of breathing we do when lying on the back. Just lie down, stretch your arms and legs, to relax and quickly start to breathe through your nose, straining alternately to each breast. Try to run 30 people, rest and repeat the cycle.

Such breathing exercises and exercises for breast enlargement at home really gives excellent results. The main thing - do them regularly and on an empty stomach, and a few months after the Breasts look just fine.

Good luck to you, dear women!