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  • Maja
    Since childhood, I was a little girl "body", and in 11. grade chest was almost 4 sizes. Three-dimensional shape me, of course, staged, but to lose 5-6 pounds wouldn't hurt. I decided to run in the evenings and do not eat after 6. Weight went down, and with it, my bust. When I read the cream Bust Size and decided to try it. Now my chest looks good, and the total weight it is not affected.
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  • Žan
    The wife was strong complexes due to the fact that when weight loss the Breasts become less firm. I, in fact, it does not hurt, but look at his suffering, I couldn't. But give him this kind of stupidity to go under the surgeon's knife, I also could not. I have been to many forums where one can find review about the cream bust size. Bought it, gave his wife. First, a little hurt, and then was ecstatic. The chest was as beautiful as before!
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