Experience in the use of Bust Size

Stella Brussel tells the amazing story of his reincarnation. Girl to share deeper feelings and thoughts, and also talked about the use of the cream Bust Size lift breast augmentation.

I wasn't too big, but quite ample Breasts. Beautiful shape and elasticity make it very attractive and without a lot of size. Of course, the beautiful bust was one of the factors, thanks to which I managed to find a good husband. My choice not me a lot and almost every day asking me all sorts of compliments.

Because I have started to have problems with sagging Breasts

Our family life was a fairy tale, but with time I began to have health problems, which ultimately caused the miscarriage. So this is not repeated, the doctor prescribed me a hormonal therapy, but this did not bring a good result. Two failed attempts to bear a child and receive a shock dose of hormones begins to rapidly gain weight. My breasts grew more than 2 sizes, and I added your normal weight 28 kg. The issue of pregnancy was relegated to the background, because now it was necessary to collect further health and get in shape.

I changed my diet, exercise, drinking a natural medicine for weight loss, and after six months regained their weight, and breast size was the same. However, despite sport and a sufficient number of drinks, my bust has changed for the worse. The chest has lost its elasticity, slightly sagged, causing no underwear-it's not a pleasant sight. I started to think about plastic surgery, a lift, without implants and breast augmentation. But then, suddenly, our man with the long-awaited pregnancy, so I thought the plastic evaporated. For me it was important to keep the fetus and give birth to a healthy baby, especially since it is much better to deal with the issue of the beauty of the breast after breastfeeding.

9 months after our daughter was born, my Breasts again became two sizes bigger and, of course, was stunning. A year later I decided to stop breast-feeding, when the milk was gone, disappeared, and my chest. Sizes come up smaller than it was before pregnancy. The husband was against the implants, Yes I myself I, in General, the size fits me, but the appearance left much to be desired. The more I thought, the lift, the worse I felt – after all, general anesthesia, and what the result would be unknown. When we save money to become plastic, I all the time been in doubt.

How I managed to bring back the beauty of the bust thanks to the cream Bust Size

Once in the Playground I met my former acquaintance, with whom she studied together at the University. He walked to his son, who is six months older than my Princess. We talked with him about it, that children, birth and lactation, and of course the subject is concerned about the breast. When I shared fears surgery, she told me how she was restored and led to breast cancer when breastfeeding. This friend had decided to do without the plastic, even if the conservative methods do not help. He tried to do special exercises, compresses, using the different cream, but the result brought him only Bust Size. He even gave me a picture of the "before and after". I was very surprised, because in the picture, as if they were 2 different girls. In general, the effect am really impressed. It turns out that this cream was recommended by my friend to her beautician.

I was very glad to have the opportunity to bring the chest in order to avoid anesthesia, a scalpel, a surgical table, the long-term recovery. Therefore, I have decided to buy the cream Bust Size. Husband left for 3 weeks on a business trip in another country, but this time, I used to buy the cream. When the husband returned home, he immediately noticed the change (after all, was underwear). As soon as in the evening to put her daughter to bed, and he dressed in a nice sexy robe, my favorite very surprised (of course, the good side). At first he thought I was a secret from him, had plastic surgery, but I told him your secret. It is, of course, does not believe that the cream could give this effect, but as soon as he was convinced that all the money is there and understand, is a miracle. After another 3 weeks and the breast size increased a bit, because of what I have already without hesitation to enjoy the sea, sunbathing on the beach rather revealing swimsuit. To be honest, we didn't have sex even during your wedding day! My husband and I began to bestow gifts and to do compliments.

Experience in the use of cream for bust Size

Bust Size it really is very effective. My chest was so tight as before treatment with hormones, stretch marks or any other trace. As for the size, like a small child, I was quite thin, and her Breasts were smaller, and return to your normal weight and your Breasts are back to some of its former shape and volume. Usually, now I have a neat beautiful Breasts, which I managed to get without the help of surgery, but only thanks to the cream Bust Size. I urge all women not to rush to go under the knife and try this unique tool!